Hey there 👋

My name is Andrey. I'm a software consultant, which means my job is to help people to build better programs for other people. My main specialty is web apps. They are also my passion since the very start of my career back in 2008.

This blog is both personal and professional. I'm getting through the turning point in my life, seeking for ways to escape Russia, where I live now with my family. In the same time I'm working on what supposed to be my Opus Magnum. So I will be kind of documenting my progress here 🤞

I recently started a company in Estonia through the e-Residency program, which I can't recommend enough. Many of my posts this year are going to to be dedicated to it, and to entrepreneurship in in general.

I have very opinionated Twitter, mostly in Russian. Maybe one day I will completely migrate to Mastodon. Use either to subscribe for updates on this blog 😉

Please feel free to reach me with any thoughts by email. I take every message in my inbox as personal and read with great care.