Power pack

My preferred hardware and software.

Wooden desk with computer and keyboard

Mac mini, small and silent, elegant device for home computing. My only feature request about Mac mini is to fit into size of Apple TV box for easy travel.

Natural Ergonomic 4000 Supreme keyboard from Microsoft. It was a gift from very respected colleagues and my second favourite next to my old Mitsumi.

TheBrain program window with categories of notes

TheBrain keeps a concept map of your notes, files, events etc. My regular day starts and ends in this program, helping me to track all information I work with.

It has some rough edges though, so now I'm exploring a different workflow for handling personal data based on tools such as Tinderbox and Hook.

Curio Most powerful digital whiteboard ever. It makes great user story boards and release plans. People behind it are extremely nice and responsive, they dedicate a lot of attention listening to peoples' cases for further upgrades.

Emacs doesn't need any special introduction I guess. I've been using Emacs since 2009 for everything related to text and communication between text-based programs, yet cannot recommend to anybody to invest their time into it.

Mutagen seamlessly sync local files and maintains network tunnels with remote machines. I use it to keep code local while running it in appropriate environment and scale, mostly on Digital Ocean droplets.

Polypane is a recent addition to my stack, it is a fantastic browser that helps building websites that works great on every device. I really enjoyed discussing feedback with the founder who is very responsive.

Tabnine is an AI‐based code completion. Very handy, just with limited set of supported languages. Seeing how you editor writes comments for you is pure magic.

Flow is good Pomodoro timer that sometimes helps me to get into the, well, flow. It is simple yet featureful, altought personally I barely use a half of what it offers.

Soverin is a reliable (well in my eyes), stable email provider that I've been using for a couple of years for now.