Old video game intro is playing somewhere in the back of my mind. War never changes. One more time in human history, children are dying and homes are torn apart for wicked joy of crazy old fucks.

Horde of Orcs approaching Helm's deep in the night, shot from The Lord of the Rings movie
Image belongs to Peter Jackson's masterpiece.

As a somebody who lived in Mordor for most of his life, I figured out I could elaborate on how this nightmare came into reality.

In the same time, as a somebody who still have relatives back there and might have to visit them in case they need help, I'm going to temporarily put this post under…

Self‐censorship act

I want to scream about what happend, but now it doesn't seem it can help anybody. So far I'm just trying to stay free. I'll continue this post when I find home in some country and ensure my own family is not endangered.