My homepage is ever changing, here is the 2022 update.

I've been running a personal page for about a decade. It has changed many domains, but always served a single purpose, to keep my contacts and links to social networks.

Last year I decided to try another route and began writing a techical blog here. I took it seriously, and spent some time polishing my first articles. It is not available directly right now, but can be found via search engines or a hidden link to my old blog.

I have to be honest at least with myself though, and admit that I never had an intension to turn in into something bigger than private thoughts of a mere web developer. And most important, I never had and never going to have enough time to invest into it.

Still, it is nice to have a personal journal to structure and share ideas and document events as I remembered them. With sharing starts collaboration, and this is the single thing that can get humanity through the next century.

I don't actually think THAT big about my blog. Maybe I'll step on it many years later to find the man who I once was. Maybe my kids will grow up and learn something I never told them in person.

So in 2022, on the go, far away from home, I decided to make a more streamlined writing environment where I can quickly post and be on my way, and my site reflects that. There is no more templates, no build process, like it is 1999, just open an editor, write and save.

However, I tried to put as much care as I could manage now into reading experience. My highest hopes for it is to be casual, relaxed and accessible to all.

Some other things I'm going to make different:

It is very nice to have you here! Shall you like to stay tuned, you might want to subscribe to my RSS feed.

Stay safe, and stay strong!